members benefits

Sickness & Accident
Once a member has used all their sick leave with the Ambulance Service, after producing a doctor's certificate and a Sickness & Accident Claim Form being completed, the ASWF pays the member up to 75% of his/her base salary plus 5/6ths of their rolled in rate for a period of up to three months when his/her superannuation takes over (some conditions apply). (The members SAAS superannuation scheme pays the employee 75% of his/her base salary after a period of 3 months until the member is able to return to work).

Payment is not made for the first two shifts of any one claim and new members to the fund are eligible for a maximum of 76 hours sickness benefits during their first year of membership. Claims (or notification of the intention to claim) are to be received by the office within 28 days of a member returning to work.

Defined Benefits Claim Form

Triple S Claim Form
Death / Funeral Benefit
Upon the death of a member, their nominated beneficiary will receive a lump sum payment of $5,550 to help with expenses. Other assistance can also be provided in these circumstances.