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Bapy Capsules & Booster Seats
We stock a number of Baby Capsules. As most babies grow out of these within about 3 months or so, it is very costly to purchase one just for this period. We loan these capsules to members free of charge for a 6 month period.

We have available (stock permitting) the following Capsules, Booster and Car Seats as shown in the above picture.

Safe-n-Sound (original style)
Safe-n-Sound Unity (NO adapters)
Safe-n-Sound Unity Black Bubbles (adapters)
Safe-n-Sound Unity NEOS (adapters)
Safe-n-Sound Hi-Liner SG (Booster)
Safe-n-Sound Sleep-n-Recline (Car Seat)

* Please note: Capsules marked with (adapters) come with the standard unity adapters, all others do not. To be confident that your pram will fit with one of our capsules, feel free to drop in during business hours to confirm compatability.  

Unity NEOS

We also have baby and booster seats for children aged 18 months - 5 years which are available for short term use. (ie weekend, school holidays) for grandparents, interstate visitors etc.
Medical Aids / Equipment
Should a member or any of his / her immediate family require special medical equipment at any time, the fund will endeavour to help organise whatever is required. 6 month loans of breast pumps, vaporisers & nebulisers are currently available from the ASWF office.

Ameda Purely Yours
Ameda Purely Yours

All equipment is free of charge with the exception of the breast pumps which include a $55.00 charge for the double attachment kit. (For hygiene reasons the kit cannot be returned and re-used) The kit can be kept for future use by yourself.
Walking Aids
Walking Aids
Have a limp? Need a hand... (leg)? fear not.. the ASWF have various walking aids available to its members for short term loan.
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